Curriculum Vitae

Summary I am a Front End Web Developer with a wealth of experience and a passion for delivering websites and applications that help organizations and individuals meet their goals. I find excitement in utilizing the new directions and technologies the web has to offer, has to offer while keeping in mind the practical needs of […]

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association

NACCA, the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association, is a network of over 50 Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) dedicated to stimulating economic growth for Aboriginal people in Canada. The AFI network has provided over 42,000 loans totaling over $2.3 billion to businesses owned by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people. I teamed up with Agentic Digital […]

Sustainability in an Imaginary World

Sustainability in an Imaginary World is a research project attempting to integrate scenario analysis and the arts as a means of exploring less obvious layers of sustainability. The project ran for three years thanks to a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and involved two mountings of a fully immersive and interactive […]

Hello world…

This website is the repository for the collected works, thoughts, experiments and noodlings of Quentin Rogers. It’s not a portfolio or resume site per se. It’s far too informal for that. But hopefully you’ll get an idea of some of the work I’ve done, some of my more artistic endeavors and hopefully a bit of […]

Talking Dog Studios

Talking Dog Studios is a media production and recording facility in Regina, SK. I met Rob, Ryan, Rene and Steve in the winter of 2014, while visiting, and before I knew it, grants were being applied for, and that summer I found myself immersed in prairie hospitality. They’ve been delving heavily into the world of […]

In the Monument

This interactive documentary website was produced with Interfilm Productions Inc. The filmmaker, Boris Ivanov, is behind this project. His interest in the evolution of Holocaust memorialization and the use of public space for commemoration developed after an unplanned visit to the New England Holocaust Memorial many years ago. This project was finally made possible by […]


We built as a showcase for the 360 degree panoramas that Talking Dog Studios is starting to produce. Always with an eye towards the latest technological advances in 3d imaging and interactivity, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of a bubl cam, which will enable us to create stunning 360 degree videos, as well as […]

CBC Music

Interface development on the .NET framework for CBC’s flagship music site
Responsible for ads integration and SiteCatalyst implementation on desktop and mobile sites
Co-curated CBC’s Electronic and Chill streams and co-managed CBC Electronic social media


We’d been so very quiet as… hiding in our bunkers, calibrating the equipment, running tests, calculating co-ordinates and escape routes… emerging, wrapped in space blankets, our core modules synced with red-shift calculations to guard against malfunction as we approach the event horizon. It was time to run the experiments again…

Sum of its Parts

Gale’s Wholesale Ltd in Regina, SK… if checking out huge collections of really weird craft parts, such as rows of dismembered baby doll heads and hands, strangely shaped Styrofoam blocks, rolls of faux birch bark and even animal hides… you should go here. Just make sure your camera is fully charged when you go. The […]

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A collection of flyers and photos from way back when some friends and I ran an ambient music collective. We’d throw ambient events in disused movie theaters, friends lofts, a place known as “the underwear farm” and others, always with a focus on listening rather than dancing, though a lot of that happened as well. […]

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Broadcasts via Mixlr

While working away in Regina, in the deep freeze of the Saskatchewan urban prairie, I’ve employed a number of strategies to keep myself entertained. One of which being the discovery of this great webcasting site/app called Mixlr. I’d been booked to play The Art of Beatz show on Vancouver’s Co-Op Radio, earlier in the summer, […]