Hello world…

This website is the repository for the collected works, thoughts, experiments and noodlings of Quentin Rogers. It’s not a portfolio or resume site per se. It’s far too informal for that. But hopefully you’ll get an idea of some of the work I’ve done, some of my more artistic endeavors and hopefully a bit of […]

Talking Dog Studios

Talking Dog Studios is a media production and recording facility in Regina, SK. I met Rob, Ryan, Rene and Steve in the winter of 2014, while visiting, and before I knew it, grants were being applied for, and that summer I found myself immersed in prairie hospitality. They’ve been delving heavily into the world of […]

In the Monument

This interactive documentary website was produced with Interfilm Productions Inc. The filmmaker, Boris Ivanov, is behind this project. His interest in the evolution of Holocaust memorialization and the use of public space for commemoration developed after an unplanned visit to the New England Holocaust Memorial many years ago. This project was finally made possible by […]