Tropic of Cancer

Damn thyroid! Anyways, he’s all clear now and with a bitchin’ throat scar for his troubles… But, what to do when a friend comes down with the something nasty lie that? Throw a party of course! This set was pre-recorded for the Art of Beatz radio show here in Vancouver, and features only music created by those that were playing the benefit, which included Phil Western, Longwalkshortdock and of course Tim too…
Tropic of Cancer – Tim Hill Benefit Mix by Hasselhoff
Aired on Art Of Beatz, 1/24/08, on Co-Op Radion, 102.7 FM, Vancouver B.C.

RiM – South East
LongWalkShortDock – Sarah Purple
Weevo – Droid Show
Phil Western – Mourning – The Escapist
LongWalkShortDock – My Long Coat
RiM – Ohio Coaster
Weevo – The Retarded Monks
Weevo – Underwear Farm
Molotov Zygoat – Chicken Song
LongWalkShortDock – Fighting Windows
LongWalkShortDock – Green Couch Taint
Phil Western – Kent The Fly – The Escapist
RiM – Zombie Sails 9 Faster
Frozen Rabit – 26000
Weevo – Head Smashed In
Dreamdoktor H & Stellar Sofa – Aetherius – Outersanctum Compilation

Phil Western
Art Of Beatz
Co-Op Radio, CFRO FM 102.7

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