A certain L.Minifie had this great idea after finding a treasure trove of Richard D. James sheet music online.  “Let’s get your Dad to play it… he can play anything…”   So off we went with a small pile of sheet music.

We started with Avril 14th, which is actually Mum’s birthday… funny that.  And of course, he’s never heard any of it, and pretty much nails it the first time through.  We had a few lumps in our throats…  He thought it a “simple little melody…  quite cute.”

A while later I came across the mp3s and thought I’d chop one the up a bit during my “start a track, finish a track in (preferably) an hour or less” phase, which I did to get myself out of a rut.  I recommend it!

Dr H.D. Rogers performs Aphex Twin’s ‘ Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow further re-interpretted by Hasselhoff