We’d been so very quiet as… hiding in our bunkers, calibrating the equipment, running tests, calculating co-ordinates and escape routes… emerging, wrapped in space blankets, our core modules synced with red-shift calculations to guard against malfunction as we approach the event horizon. It was time to run the experiments again…

Breathe… Faster…

Recorded during the heatwave of August, 2010…  It was super damn hot, at least for Vancouver.  I spent the next summer in New Mexico, and the one after that in Montreal, which led me to the conclusion that we’re kinda wimps over here… Tracklisting Keynell 1 by Gescom Memorandrum by Voice Stealer Errorlove by Smash […]

Southbound I-80

I was spending a lot of time driving between Vancouver and Santa Fe NM for a while there…  seemed to always be on the road.  This was a reflection of that… Tracklisting O’Locco (Sei A Remix) by Sun Electric Two Dots (Reverse Engineered) by Lusine It Never Changes To Stop by The Books Paridse Circus […]


Tracklisting Starlight (Echospace Dub) by Model 500 Kite by Wndfrm I Can Take It by The Parrish Love Or Go (KiNK Remix) by Nina Kraviz Getting Me Down by Blawan Wildfire (Objekt Dub Mix) by Sbtrkt Over and Out (Original Mix) by Marc Romboy & KiNK U-29 by Untold Love And The Machine by Robag […]

We are now on full automatic

Tracklisting Science Friction by JEDI KNIGHTS Warming up the Bass Machines by Claude Vonstroke M+T=E by The Higher Intelligence Agency Moth by Burial & Four tet River Remix by Absolute Time Clipper by Autechre Amame Feat Jei (Dubstrumental) by Murk, Intruder (A Murk Production), Jei Cryin’ by Frivolous Snooze 4 Love (Version) by Todd Terje […]


There is definitely a process to things…  this is probably one of my favourite mixes.  Covers a lot of different terrain… Tracklisting Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) by Apparat Captain Webb by Baby Mammoth Aquarius (Live @ Warp 10) by Boards of Canada Save Me Concubine by Ghostface Killah vs Beirut 9:24 by Global communications […]

Slow Boil

Somewhat reminiscent of the Cliff Hangers game on the Price is Right, minus the yodeling… starts off low and slowly builds till wham! It get’s all crazy! It’s basically what I’d really like to dance to if I wasn’t busy dj’ing…. bring to a slow boil… Tracklisting Missing you by Slowdive Glamourama by Photek Baby’s […]

Tropic of Cancer

Damn thyroid! Anyways, he’s all clear now and with a bitchin’ throat scar for his troubles… But, what to do when a friend comes down with the something nasty lie that? Throw a party of course! This set was pre-recorded for the Art of Beatz radio show here in Vancouver, and features only music created […]