Hello world…


Welcome to my website. I decided to rip it apart last week, so it’s currently under renovations.  My apologies for the mess.

Currently what you’ll find here are posts regarding various web related projects I’ve worked on. There’s a lot more to add still. I’ve also included a lot of dj mixes I’ve done over the years and am starting to get some of my own music on the site as well. And then there’s the image galleries to import… Fun!

My old site is here.Clicking that link will load it into this site, which may, or may not work properly.  Opening it in a new window should open it normally. But otherwise, expect a mess.

I’ve a couple of things, functionality wise, that I should have time to fix in a day or so.  And some (re)design and formatting to do as well, but I got tired of constantly having this half-done site sitting on my dev server…. So there you go.