Progress is measured by how much we lose…

For all the old school peeps, esp. Teamlounge and the old Victoria crew. Some tracks from a rich ambient past… I don’t think any of them are newer than 1995…

“Progress is measured by how much we lose” was originally the name of the radio show the Peter “the homeless guy” would do after our Lounge World show at 6am Sunday mornings on CFUV FM102 (UVic)… It was truely a show like no other… I wish I had tapes of it. Stream of consciousness ramblings and old 78’s played off of a portable record player that he mic’d… liked to use his own gear. Anyways… Peter had a way of blowing minds, and probably had a greater effect on those he encountered than he realized. At least to those who’d listen to him. Wisdom in an insane world is a great burden, I think.

Note: I stole the orb + fuse mix from fellow teamlounge dj, binhex…  Always loved that mix, thought it needed airing out again…


Startoucher by Biosphere
O.O.B.E. by The Orb
Siac by Fuse
Liquid Sky by Solar Quest
Seashell by Skylab
Symphony In E by The Irresistible Force
R2D2 by Speedy J
From Heaven by Manna
Sick Porter by U-ziq
Speedlearn (Empathy Mix) by Higher Intelligence Agency
Speedlearn (Reformed by The Irresistible Force) by Higher Intelligence Agency
Homeward Bound by Ritchie Hawtin & Pete Namlook
Circles by Meatbeat Manifesto
Opaque by Dtune
SYm-phon5 by Beaumont Hannant
Dream or Reality (Into the Dream Mix) by Robert Leiner
Ageispolis by Aphex Twin
Wimborne (Daniel Pemberton Mix) by MLO