xtranormal was a web and desktop based animated movie creation tool. Originally envisioned as an easy way for writers to storyboard their scripts, it had morphed into a tool for people to create simple animated movies. Users could choose from a series of sets and characters, add dialog and character expressions and then publish their movies directly to youTube. For a time, it seemed as though a new xtranormal based video was achieving viral status every week, with the sardonic, monotoned voiced anime teddy bears showing up all over the web.

I came on board as the main web interface developer, translating page designs into pixel perfect layouts. I designed some key parts of the user profile sections and helped design and execute our graphics based email campaigns and newsletters. And for fun, worked to reduce the site’s reliance on multiple javascript code libraries, as by the time I joined the team, the site was using YUI, Prototype, jQuery and Scriptaculous! Yikes!

Here’s an example of an xtranormal movie I made after a certain “Friday”. I’m sorry… The xtranormal bears were everywhere, though, I think they were actually supposed to be dogs.