Breathe… Faster…

Recorded during the heatwave of August, 2010…  It was super damn hot, at least for Vancouver.  I spent the next summer in New Mexico, and the one after that in Montreal, which led me to the conclusion that we’re kinda wimps over here…


Keynell 1 by Gescom
Memorandrum by Voice Stealer
Errorlove by Smash TV
Do Not Break by Ellen Alien & Apparat
Ke Be Bop by Kone
Psychodelik by LFO
Yuri by Meat beat manifesto
Shoot by SebastiAn
Infra Red Spectrum by SUBURBAN KNIGHT
Ponteio (Bonus Beats) by Da Lata
Malfunction by Njoi
Black Planet by 2 Frenchmen
Computer Madness by Marc Romboy vs Paris the Black fu
Happy Birthday by Modeselektor
Over And Over (Solid Groove Remix) by Hot Chip
Like The Way by The Mole
Die Kosmichen Kurier by 3mb with Juan Atkins
Crystel by Autechre
The Black Block (Byetone remix) by Modeselektor
Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) by Apparat
Olympic Airways (Supermayer Remix) by Foals
Let Go by Spooky
Take My Breath Away by Gui Boratto
Freeze by LFO
Take me back by Herbert
Bang On by The Breeders
A Little Bit of Feel Good (Son Lux remix) by Jamie Lidell
Tierra Del Fuego (Pascal Feos remix) by SCSI-9
(I Can’t Sleep) Without Music by Modeselektor
Horse Fly by Longwalkshortdock